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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:August 26 2004 3:11pm
Subject:RE: Forgot Password bug (w/patch)
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> The attached patch checks for a null result from
> getUserIDByEmail, and sets
> a new result flag indicating that the user was not found.
> Hope this helps -- please advise regarding any changes I
> should make to how
> I submit patches.

Thanks for the patch. I had to speak with one of our company Directors
to know how to handle patches from community members. Since MySQL AB
is the copyright holder of the Eventum code, we need to follow a
procedure when accepting patches. This is what I was told:

> 1) If the code change is less then 15 lines, you can just use it
(multiple patches do add up).
> 2) Otherwise, you need to get one of the legal waivers and have them
sign it.
> 3) Email to a list saying "I hand over copyright to MySQL" is also

Since your patch had 11 new lines (can't believe I actually had to
count them ;), I'm just going to apply the patch and assume you don't
have a problem with MySQL AB having the copyright over it. Let me know


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