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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:September 9 2005 7:23pm
Subject:RE: embed issue id into email subject
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> The "In-reply-to" field does not get back in every cases so I am 
> evaluating the option to embed the issue id into the subject 
> field for 
> all mails sent by Eventum and then parse the subject for the issue 
> number in the case of missing "in-reply-to" field. Can you 
> point me out 
> which php scripts would be in need of change to implement 
> this? And if 
> possible some ideas about what would be easiest way (and in line with 
> Eventum design) to achieve the above?

Code would be download_emails.php, which simply calls
Support::getEmailInfo(), which handles the reply and associating with an
existing issue or even creating a new one. So it's

That's obviously just the processing of incoming emails, the step of
changing all outgoing emails to include the issue number is a different
thing. Perhaps a hack on class.mail_queue.php would be the easiest thing
here, but I didn't spend too much time thinking about it.


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