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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 15 2005 4:16am
Subject:RE: Problem on initial setup
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> When launching setup I get this:
> 	Configuration Error:
> *The following problems regarding file and/or directory 
> permissions were 
> found:*
> The 'allow_call_time_pass_reference' directive needs to be enabled in 
> your PHP.INI file in order for Eventum to work properly.
> File 'setup.conf.php' does not exist. Please create it and try again.

What does this PHP script output on your box?

echo ini_get('allow_call_time_pass_reference');

> Oh yeah, before I forget, what directory is setup.conf.php 
> supposed to 
> be in and what should be in it???

It's supposed to be a blank file on the main eventum directory, which
the installation procedure will write to.

You have a good point though, we should specifically say where the file
should go, and that a blank file is fine.

> All I really want to do is to install a ticketing package and 
> have the 
> darn thing work without a lot of hassle.  I'm not trying to 
> be mean but 
> come on guys.... let's get it right or at least have the 
> error messages 
> really help rather than obfuscating. 

The error messages are helpful, and the installation procedure is very
complete and easy to use, much more than other tools that you may find.
If you think that these details are that important and that Eventum is a
lot of hassle because of them, then maybe this is not the tool for you.

We will improve on this for our next release regardless of your lack of


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