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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:June 13 2005 2:23pm
Subject:RE: letters to closed issue should reopen issue
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> Lets imagine that there is closed issue and user sends email 
> to this issue(some update to the issue or by accident) and as 
> result email appears in issue, but NOBODY WILL NOTICE it 
> because the issue closed and in 99% of cases closed issues 
> are not shown in issue listing screen(its usually marked that 
> "do not show closed issues")
> proposal: desired behavior is that if letter sent to closed 
> issue then it changes status from "done" to "discovery"

That's fine. You can perform these changes yourself with a bit of PHP
coding, and the Workflow API.

Create your own workflow backend, and implement the following function:

     * Called when a new message is recieved. 
     * @param   integer $prj_id The projectID
     * @param   integer $issue_id The ID of the issue.
     * @param   array $message An array containing the new email
     * @param   array $row The array of data that was inserted into the
    function handleNewEmail($prj_id, $issue_id, $message, $row)
        echo "Workflow: New Email<br />\n";

All you need to do is put some code in there to check the current status
of the issue, and if it is set to "done", then change it back to
"discovery". We do this a _lot_ internally.


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