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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:April 16 2005 1:56am
Subject:Eventum 1.5.2 Released
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Eventum is a user-friendly and flexible issue tracking system that can
be used by a support department to track incoming technical support
requests, or by a software development team to quickly organize tasks
and bugs. Eventum is used by the MySQL AB Technical Support team, and
has allowed us to dramatically improve our response times.

I'm proud to announce that Eventum 1.5.2 is now available for download
in source form from our download pages at and mirror sites.

Note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point in time -
if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later or
choose another download site.

Please read the UPGRADE file for instructions on how to upgrade your
existing Eventum installation. Read the INSTALL file for instructions on
installing Eventum for the first time.

* List of changes in this release:

- Fixed the note viewing screen to prevent users with permission levels
lower than "Standard User" from displaying notes (Bug #9134) (João)
- Fixed the time tracking remove routine to check if the person removing
the entry is really its owner (Bug #9137) (João)
- Fixed the issue assignment feature of the listing screen to work again
- Fixed bug that was causing php error when removing all assigned users
from an issue (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with searching by date range on recent activity report
- Removed update issue confirmation for anyone with a role of developer
or above (Bryan)
- Fixed JS error on close issue page (Bryan)
- Fixed bug in example customer API (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with 'My Assignments' not remembering sort order (Bryan)
- Fixed bug #9181: Edit Notification List doesn't select address to edit
- Added feature to allow issue/note/draft routing to use normal email
accounts instead of specialized setup (Bryan)
- Changed statuses to always be sorted by rank (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with array_merge() on manage users page (Bryan)
- Fixed bug with not being able to un-assign inactive users from issues
- Added more thorough input checking to prevent possible SQL Injection
attacks (Bryan)
- Fixed Misc::activateLinks() method to handle links with tildes (Elan
- Properly escape values to prevent SQL-Injection attacks (Bryan)
- Strip CC and BCC headers from outgoing emails (Bryan)
- List issues on Custom Fields report (Bryan)
- Added To and From columns to phone support listing (Bryan)
- Fixed estimated dev time showing up as minutes instead of hours on
notification email (Bryan)
- Fixed a bug that was preventing an email from being converted to an
issue even when it isn't from a known customer (João)
- Add extra order by clauses to make sure results are returned the same
way every time (Bryan)
- Added feature to display project name in IRC notice if multiple
projects are broadcasting in the same channel (Bryan)
- Fixed bug that caused notification to be sent to user who updated
issue (Bryan)
- Fixed bug that prevented multiple select custom fields to have values
cleared (Bug #9853) (Bryan)
- Set show/hide links to be displayed in Opera/Safari (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Fixed dynCalendar so it works in Opera (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Added issue description to RSS feed as well as other minor fixes (Elan
- Fixed bug with transferring non-ASCII data over xmlrpc (Elan Ruusamäe)
- Fixed bug on the issue listing screen that would not add the assignee
to the notification list (João)
- Added feature to clear closed date and resolution when re-opening
issues (Bryan)
- Added feature to honor default notification options (Bryan)
- Display different auto created email for users that don't have
accounts (Bryan)
- Added extra check to the installation procedure to properly check for
session support (João)
- Fixed bug that caused the wrong timezone short name on daylight
savings time to be displayed (João)
- Fixed bug that prevented SMTP authentication from working in a few
special cases (João)
- Fixed problem that was triggering Internet Explorer's warning message
about switching from secure to insecure mode on the reporting system
- Added feature to automatically set the project lead user as a manager
for that project (João)
- Fixed bug that caused release changes not to show up in update email
- Added feature so route emails script can now figure out what email
account to use automatically (Bryan)

If you find any problems while using this software, please let us know.

Joao Prado Maia

Eventum 1.5.2 ReleasedJoao Prado Maia16 Apr