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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:March 2 2005 2:45pm
Subject:RE: Patches for 1.5 (fixes)
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> This is an annotated subset of the patches I applied to get 
> 1.5 working 
> locally.  Some of these are carried over from 1.4.  I'm sending it to 
> the -devel list rather than the -users list; please let me know if 
> that's not a good idea.

Feel free to send your patches to this list.

> ##
> ##  These first two patches quote variables that
> ##  have been observed empty (thereby causing SQL errors)
> ##  on at least one occasion.
> ##

This is not something that I would like to change. If the
Auth::getCurrentRole() is returning an empty string, then something
_really_ wrong is going on here. So while silencing these SQL errors
would of course be nice, that's not really fixing the underlying

Can you tell me when exactly are you receiving those errors? What were
you doing?

> ##
> ##  These last two patches are for compatibility with PHP safe_mode.
> ##

I'll add an @ to those lines.


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