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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:February 28 2005 2:31pm
Subject:RE: Possible bug in eventum cookie handling?
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> I am trying out eventum and found a problem with
> cookies.  It appears that cookies are used to save
> various user preferences.
> For example in class.issue.php. 
> $full_cookie[Auth::getUserID()][Auth::getCurrentProject()]
> = $cookie;
>         $encoded =
> base64_encode(serialize($full_cookie));
> setcookie(APP_LIST_COOKIE, $encoded,
> The problem is that the cookie is too long (there is a
> limit to cookie length in the HTTP standard) and the
> browser fails to process the http header correctly.

Indeed, looks like the issue listing cookie might get longer than 4kb in
length in some cases.

> It also causes login to fail. I suspect that this is
> more likely to happen when a Customer Backend is
> enabled.

How would this cause logins to fail? Maybe if the
20-cookie-per-server/domain limit is reached, then yeah, the logins
would fail, but this is not something that happens only for Eventum.

The login cookies are not bigger than 4kb, so these two things should
not be related in any way. Are you having problems logging in?


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