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From:jonathan_c_den_hartog Date:February 23 2005 11:24pm
Subject:Re: Bug? Headers Being Displayed
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I believe I figure out my problem with Firefox.  Somehow one of the cookies
seemed to be corrupted. I cleared my cookies and my cache, tried to log in
again, and it worked.

But now that I can log in with Firefox, I find that it also does the same
thing when I try to run the search.  Basically, I am going to the list.php
page, changing one of the select boxes in the search parameters, and
clicking on the 'Search' button.  In Firefox, I immediately just get the
html source displayed as plain text.  In Internet Explorer, I first get the
following headers displayed as plain text at the top of the page (see
attachment headers1.txt. I put it in an attachment because it is quite a
bit of text), with the rest of the page (displayed properly) following:

(See attached file: headers1.txt)

Then on a page reload/refresh, I get the page source as plain text, plus
the headers sent at the top of the page (before the <html> tag).

Here is the header list that gets sent as reported by the LiveHTTPHeaders
extension from Firefox (see attachment headers2.txt)

(See attached file: headers2.txt)

Firefox displays the search results as plain text (not HTML).

                          Bryan Alsdorf                                                   
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                       02/23/2005 11:30        Subject:  Re: Bug? Headers Being Displayed 

Hi Jonathan,

jonathan_c_den_hartog@stripped wrote:
> I have Eventum 1.4 running on a Windows IIS server, running PHP 4.3.3 and
> MySQL 4.1.7
> When I open Eventum in IE 6, and click on 'Search' from the List Issues
> page (with any number of criteria set), the headers of the page show up.
> If I try to fix it by refreshing the browser, it displays the headers
> plus the entire HTML of the page (as plain text).

This is the first I have heard of a problem like this. Would it be
possible to get a copy of the headers to see if I can spot anything
strange about them? Does this happen on any other pages?

> I haven't been able to test this in Firefox (my browser of choice),
> Eventum seems to think I am not allowing cookies, even when I am... but I
> am assuming this is something I need to change in Firefox, at least at
> point.

Have you tried the LiveHTTPHeaders extension for Firefox? This will let
you see what headers Eventum is sending to Firefox. I use Firefox as my
primary browser and I haven't had any problems with Eventum.


Bryan Alsdorf, Software Engineer

Are you MySQL certified?

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