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From:Joao Prado Maia Date:March 4 2004 4:00pm
Subject:RE: FW: eventum - permissions & roles
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Sorry for the delay in answering you, but I had a busy day yesterday (as
usual). Here's what I have in mind for a permission system that can be
expanded and customized:

- Permission level titles should be customizable
- Allowed actions should be attached to each permission level
- Permission levels should be associated to many projects

So in practice, what we would do is create the following tables:

    prm_id, prm_title
    pup_prj_id, pup_usr_id, pup_prm_id (unique key on [pup_prj_id,
    pra_id, pra_title
    pla_prm_id, pla_pra_id

And then in each part of the code that needs to handle the supported
actions, we will add a condition to check to see if the permission level of
the current user allows for that action to be performed. If not, an error
message is displayed.

This is my idea for the perfect permission system, but I can always discuss
changes to it. I just wrote this pretty quickly, but it seems correct at
first glance.


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