Threads for Dec 2004

Out of pocketmessagesReggie Burnett, Luke Venediger, Barry Zubel, Jorge Bastos29 Dec
blobmessagesReggie Burnett, Jorge Bastos27 Dec
Converting String to Date and TimemessagesThorsten.Moeller, Patrick Questembert, Jordan Sparks24 Dec
Can the .NET Managed driver connect to a linux box?messagesmike.griffin, Ben Reichelt, Director General: NEFACOMP, Jorge Bastos, Frank, Jordan Sparks23 Dec
About float fieldsmessagesFrank, Patrick Questembert, Jordan Sparks, SGreen, streamlake, James Moore22 Dec
1.0.3 Comments12 messagesMike Hillyer, Vilhelm Heiberg, Reggie Burnett, Robert Rowe, Jordan Sparks, Director General: NEFACOMP, Barry Zubel, Guy Platt20 Dec
!messagesJorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett20 Dec
? charmessageJorge Bastos20 Dec
cnmessagesJorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett20 Dec
utf8messagesJorge Bastos, Patrick Questembert, Jordan Sparks, Reggie Burnett, James Moore20 Dec
1.0.3messageJorge Bastos20 Dec
Fw: DataAdapter Update and ConnectionmessageFrank15 Dec
DataAdapter Update and ConnectionmessagesStreamlake Studio, Jorge Bastos15 Dec
4.1messagesJorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett14 Dec
Connector/Net 1.0.3 gamma is releasedmessageReggie Burnett13 Dec
Sbyte and TinyIntmessagesVictoria Bolton, Jordan Sparks13 Dec
datetimemessagesJorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett, Barry Zubel13 Dec
Multi-threading & Open connectionmessagesReggie Burnett, Joshua Mouch13 Dec
How do I insert into a BLOB?messageReggie Burnett10 Dec
Problems withConnector.Net beta 2 and MySql 3.23.49messagesReggie Burnett, Barry Zubel, Guy Platt10 Dec
Set namesmessagesReggie Burnett, Nicholas Large10 Dec
Not CLS-compliant?messagePeter Magnusson7 Dec
MySqlDateTime in Datatables sorting by Text, not Date.messagesBarry Zubel, Reggie Burnett, Guy Platt6 Dec
Character sets, Blob Fields ... ? I just want to insert greek characters and western characters into my database.messageNicholas Large1 Dec