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Threads for Oct 2004

Illegal mix of collationsmessageKris Bekkers31 Oct
New error with Beta 2messageScott Underwood29 Oct
Illegal mix of collationsmessagenil1828 Oct
show create tablemessagesJordan Sparks, Jorge Bastos28 Oct
Doc'smessagesJorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett28 Oct
download beta 2messageJorge Bastos28 Oct
Only byte arrays can be serialized by MySqlBinary20 messagesBarry Zubel, Darren Hill, Joshua Mouch, Reggie Burnett28 Oct
MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.1 beta 2 has been released.messageReggie Burnett28 Oct
Connection Pooling21 messagesDarren Hill, Guy Platt, Joshua Mouch, Jordan Sparks, Reggie Burnett, Reggie Burnett28 Oct
To get only the second table in a querymessageLuke Venediger27 Oct
Does "Mysql Connector/Net provider" support unicode chinese charactor?messageReggie Burnett27 Oct
Unicode Problem with MySql and C#messagesDuncan Paul Attard, Jorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett26 Oct
UncompressmessagesJorge Bastos, Andreas Oswald25 Oct
ArgumentOutOfRangeException in reader.GetBytes?messageTobias Schittkowski25 Oct
Error in PacketReader.ReadString/EnsureCapacity???messagesReggie Burnett, Tobias Schittkowski23 Oct
Adding parameters to a commandmessageLuke Venediger19 Oct
Latest bitsmessagesBarry Zubel, THOULON Pierre-Yves, Reggie Burnett19 Oct
Hung datareadermessagesBarry Zubel, Jordan Sparks, THOULON Pierre-Yves, Reggie Burnett18 Oct
Will connector/net have a silent insall or will it be distributed aspart of MySql?messageDavid Taylor18 Oct
releasemessageJorge Bastos15 Oct
Odd ?bug? with DBNull ValuesmessageReggie Burnett14 Oct
Copy tablemessagesJordan Sparks, Jorge Bastos13 Oct
MysqlmessagesJorge Bastos - Decimal, Jorge Bastos, Reggie Burnett11 Oct
ReleasemessageJorge Bastos8 Oct
mysql year datatypemessagesBen Reichelt, Reggie Burnett7 Oct
Better way to get all columns in the DataReadermessagesBarry Zubel, Guy Platt, Jordan Sparks, Fredrick Bartlett6 Oct
Beta2 available?messagesReggie Burnett, Tobias Schittkowski1 Oct