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From:Reggie Burnett Date:August 30 2005 7:45pm
Subject:RE: MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.5 has been released.
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> A while back i have reported speed problems trough the bug reports, the
> moderator of the list added them to the feature request list. What i
> thoughed is a bit strange, speed is a real issue in an production
> environment. I added examples in there, hope you can find it in the list.
> Short explanation:
> The problem is in the open command of an connection, its really slow in
> comparision to other connectors like MyODBC (its twice as fast) or the
> connector from crlabs (four times faster). The problem is in the fact that
> for every time you open an connection (even pooled ones) you get
> information
> about the database and the charsets.
> For this simple reason i'm not using the mysql .net connector, its a real
> performance killer.
> Hopes this helps a bit, if you need more information please let me know.

Richard (and others)

You are correct that every open of the connection either does a login to the
database or a reset of the connection.  It also queries state of the server.
In many situations, these are important bits of information.  I am
investigating adding a connection string option that would turn these off.
Such an option might be the default but the user should be aware of the
potential problem of using them.

One example is resetting the connection.  Without doing this, things such as
temp vars and temp tables still exist.  This can cause confusion or, worse,
data corruption if you have code that expects these temp objects to be gone
and they are not.  

From what I can tell, CoreLabs doesn't query any of this information and
doesn't set the connection up properly to handle multiple character sets.
Maybe I am missing something but I didn't see it.

I'll see about including this switch in 1.0.6 and getting it out to you.


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