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From:Reggie Burnett Date:August 25 2005 8:50pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.5 has been released.
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MySQL Connector/Net 1.0.5, a new version of the fully-managed, ADO.Net
provider for the MySQL database system has been released.  This release is
the latest production release of the 1.0 series and is suitable for use with
any MySQL version including MySQL-4.1 or MySQL-5.0.

It is now available in source and binary form from the Connector/Net
download pages at
and mirror sites (note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this
point of time - if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try
again later or choose another download site.)

We realize that this release has been some time in the making.  MySQL wishes
to thank you for your patience and help during the development of
Connector/Net 1.0.5.  We still believe in the philosophy of release early,
release often and look forward to providing you with ongoing improvements
that will continue to increase your productivity with MySQL in the .NET

========================= Known Issues ==================================
There is no need to file bug reports on these issues.  They are known and
are being worked on.  Thanks.

1.  There is a known problem where data packets larger than 16M are not
handled properly when the connection is using compression.  There is no need
to file bug reports on this issue as the test suite already identifies this
as a problem.
2.  Shared memory connections are not well tested in this release.  There
are some open server issues involving shared memory connections.  We suggest
waiting for these issues to be resolved before using shared memory
One bug report related to shared memory connections can be found here:


- From the changelog:

8-24-05 - Version 1.0.5

	Bugs fixed or addressed
	Bug #8667  	OUT parameters are not being valued [fixed]
	Bug #8574  	MySQLCommandBuilder unable to support inline
functions [fixed]
	Bug #8509  	MySqlDataAdapter.FillSchema does not interpret
unsigned integer	[fixed]
	Bug #8630  	Executing a query with the SchemaOnly option reads
the entire resultset	[fixed]
	Bug #7398  	MySqlParameterCollection doesn't allow parameters
without filled in names [fixed]
	Bug #7623  	Adding MySqlParameter causes error if MySqlDbType is
Decimal [fixed]
	Bug #8929  	Timestamp values with a date > 10/29/9997 cause
problems [fixed]
	Bug #9237  	MySqlDataReader.AffectedRecords not set to -1
	Bug #9262  	Floating point numbers boundary conditions
				(added code but really this isn't a bug)
	Bug #7951   Error reading a timestamp column

	Bug #10644  Cannot call a stored function directly from
	Bug #9722   Connector does not recognize parameters separated by a
	Bug #10281  Clone issue with MySqlConnection 
	Bug #11450  Connector/Net, current database and stored procedures
	Bug #11490  certain incorrect queries trigger connection must be
valid and open message
	Bug #8228  	turkish character set causing the error [fixed]
	Bug #8387  	Connecting with NAMES and character_set_results can
be up to 18 times slower.
				Improved this by only issuing a SET NAMES if
character_set_client or 
				character_set_connection is different than
what we are wanting.
	Bug #8382  	Commandbuilder does not handle queries to other
databases than the default one-
				fixed this one with the help of a patch from
Henrik Johnson.
	Bug #10637 	Fail connect to specified MySql Hosts

				The problem was that we were  using
BeginConnect/EndConnect to implement connect
				timeout. Each one of these uses a worker
thread from the .NET thread pool.  This
				thread pool only has a default of 25 threads
so on a very heavily loaded system,
				it's possible it could run out.  Connect has
now been recoded to not use a 
				worker thread.
	Bug #11542  Call to Stored Procedure throws exception when SP has no
arguments [fixed]
	Bug #11550  Adding decimal parameters problem
	Bug #10152	syntax error using decimal parameter in where clause
	Bug #10486	MySqlDataAdapter.Update error for decimal column
				All three of these bugs were related to the
same problem					
	Bug #11873 	Invalid timestamp in query produces incorrect reader
exception [added test case, already fixed]
	Bug #10454	incorrect return type documented for parameter
collection Add methods [fixed]	
      Bug #12163  Insert using prepared statement causes double insert	
      Bug #12245  using Prepare() on an insert command causes null
parameters to convert to "0"	
	Bug #12646  Parameters are defaulted to Decimal [added a new test
	Bug #12628 	off by one on random selection of multiple hosts/ip
addresses [fixed]
	Bug #12551 	Error at the ConnectionString - Property [fixed]
	Bug #8724 	NullReferenceException in Designer [fixed]
	Bug #12771 	Connector/Net can't connect to MySQL 4.1.14-nt

	Other changes
	Fixed problem parsing stored procedure parameter defs such as OUT
	Now supports the new decimal type introduced in 5.0.3
	Fixed bug where adding parameter objects that had been independently
constructed did not work right.
	Changed internal class MySqlSingle to MySqlFloat
      Implemented new BIT data type

      Implemented Convert Zero DateTime connection option.

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