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From:Reggie Burnett Date:July 1 2005 7:14pm
Subject:RE: Some offtopic help
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This would best be sent to one of the many winform lists on the 'net 

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Subject: Some offtopic help


People i'd like to make an offtopic question if anyone can answer...

When having a MDI form with mdi childs, how do you people can set the
background image for the MDI form?
I could use the background property but the image in this way wont strech by
it self.
But instead of that if i use a picturebox control, i have the strech
property, but the child forms will be under the picturebox, starting them
like this in the MDI form:

dim f as new frm_form1
f.mdiparent = me

Does anyone had this problem? or is there a control over the web to resolve
this problem? well i think its a problem...with vb6 i used to start forms
like this and use the picturebox control and had no problem.

Thanks in advanced

Jorge Bastos

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