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From:Reggie Burnett Date:July 1 2005 7:07pm
Subject:RE: .net connector 1.0.4 and Mysql 4.1.11 incompatible?
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This is a known issue.   The reason is that 4.1.11 introduced a new decimal
type that 1.0.4 doesn't know about.  1.0.5 will correct this. 

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From: Jeffrey Lanham [mailto:bluezone@stripped] 
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Subject: .net connector 1.0.4 and Mysql 4.1.11 incompatible?

.Net Connector 1.0.4 and MySql 4.1.11 apparently don't like to talk to each
other properly anymore. When using the commandbuilder, a non-displayable
character is being inserted prior to any numeric field within an insert or
update command. Is there any way to correct this. Downgrading to 4.1.9 fixed
the problem for me, after I ran into it while down in Mexico trying to do an
install with code that I thought was working. It was, under 4.1.9 and
earlier. Didn't try with 4.1.10. I had to downgrade after going through
about four hours of sweating trying to figure out the problem. Does any one
have any clues, or is a patch coming through for the .net provider?


Jeffrey Lanham



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