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From:Reggie Burnett Date:March 2 2005 12:57pm
Subject:Re: Charsets, collation and connections.
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Are you saying you think this is a problem with the connector or with
the server?

Daniel Fisla wrote:

>After doing much research I am at a loss how really utf8_bin and
>utf8_general_ci differ, besides the obvious -- sort order.
>What I inferred from MySQL docs and some online articles is the following.
>utf8_bin is pretty much what it suggests, utf8 strings are stored as bytes
>and MySQL server compares/sorts these on single byte basis, where the value
>of each byte determines sort order. Make sense to me as utf8 is multi-byte
>encoding anyway.
>So what is utf8_general_ci collation all about, since it is DEFAULT
>collation for utf8 character set. But here is the kicker, it does not
>implement all utf8 characters, especially for languages like jp, ko, arabic,
>and other right to left languages.
>I know for fact ucs2_general_uca (default collation for ucs2 Unicode
>encoding) has only partial Unicode support, so my guess is, the same may be
>true for utf8_general_ci collation.
>The only way I can get full Unicode support is to use utf8_bin collation as
>utf8_general_ci messes some characters? (chars ?? are returned from the db)
>My question is, has anyone else run into similar issues with collations? 
>Especially, how can utf8_general_ci not support all characters but be the
>default collation for utf8? 
>The only way to get things to work is to set charset to utf8 for everything,
>and utf8_bin collation for everything as well. (connection, db, tables)
>I had to modify the mysql connector 1.0.4 to include:
>SET collation_connection = @@collation_database; 
># database collation is utf8_bin

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