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From:Barry Zubel Date:February 2 2005 8:37am
Subject:Re: mysql driver speed
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I noticed speed degradation when I moved to 4.1.9 on the server side - all 
that character set/collation stuff seemed to slow the performance down somewhat.

For the moment, our production servers are still on 4.0.2x, so they run 
blazingly fast, while I'm looking at the performance on our development bed to 
see if I can tweak it somewhat.

Specifying default character sets in the connection string did seem to speed 
up the queries somewhat, although I'd love to see Reggie be able to remove the 
dependence on 'show variables' and 'show collations' on every 
connection.Open() - that seems to be some of the slowdown as this information 
has to get shoved around the network every time to .Open a connection.


Frank wrote:
>  From my experiments the .net connector is about 10 times faster than 
> odbc, I can retrieve more than 5000 records in less than 2 secs, while 
> with odbc it took near to ten seconds, absolutely not acceptable for 
> that application.
> Frank
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> Sent: Tuesday, February 01, 2005 4:45 PM
> Subject: mysql driver speed
> Has anybody noticed slow performance or is it just me?  I can do a
> simple query to a mysql db on our network and it's taking on average .15
> seconds.  With the mysql odbc driver it's taking .015 seconds.  That's a
> factor of 10.  Something doesn't seem right to me.
> Lance Johnson
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