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From:Jordan Sparks Date:October 21 2004 3:55pm
Subject:Stability for 4.0
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I have a MySQL-based program that hundreds of customers depend on to run
perfectly every day.  But for the last two months, none of them have
been able to backup their databases because SHOW CREATE TABLE does not
work.  I'm really stuck here, and I'm becoming very concerned that my
customers will suffer from lost data and not have a backup.  I can't use
Connector version 0.76 because of that bug, but I also don't know if I
should jump right in to version 1.0 because it seems like many other
bugs were introduced.  I need a stable version and I need it now.  I'm
not complaining, but I just wanted you to know how strongly I feel about
this.  I think it should be much higher priority to support version 4.0
rather than trying to add all these extra features for 4.1 or 5.0.  You
can't ever ever let the quality of the connector slip on the current

So... is it safe to use 1.0, and can you guarantee that it will be as
rock solid as 0.76?  Or should I beg you to fix 0.76 instead?

Jordan Sparks 

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