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From:Daniel Fisla Date:January 6 2005 4:29pm
Subject:multiple select query hangs MySqlDatarAdapter mysql-connector-net-1.0.3-gamma
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This is frustrating as it worked in 0.76 version of ByteFX version.


I am using the latest driver version mysql-connector-net-1.0.3-gamma with
4.1.8 MySql server on linux.


Simple test causes MySqlDataAdapter to hang. I got a look at the source, but
the Fill() method is inherited from DbDataAdapter class implemented by the
.Net framework.


Try something like this:


string sql = @"select table1.key from table1 where table1.key = 1; select
table2.key from table2 where table2.key = 1";


DataSet ds = MySqlHelper.ExecuteDataset(.);


The ExecuteDataset calls da.Fill(ds), where the data adapter hangs.
Sometimes, I get exception throw by the Fill() method, "Input string was not
in a correct format."


First, I thought it's something to do with params, so I eliminated any
params from the query.

Then, I though it may be char encodings on the server side.


Any suggestions?



multiple select query hangs MySqlDatarAdapter mysql-connector-net-1.0.3-gammaDaniel Fisla6 Jan