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From:Reggie Burnett Date:October 14 2004 3:50pm
Subject:Re: Odd ?bug? with DBNull Values
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I may have already replied to this but  yes this issue has been reported 
as a bug and has been fixed.

Barry Zubel wrote:

> A quick question to see if this has been noticed before.
> I'm populating a datatable direct from a MySql database via the 1.0.0 
> mySql connector.
> Code is similar to the following:
> dim sSql as string = "SELECT JOB_NO, ORDVAL, REQD FROM S_MASTER"
> dim conn as new MySqlConnection(mainApp.mysql.connectionstring)
> dim comm as new MySqlCommand(sSql, conn)
> dim rs as new MySqlDataAdapter(comm)
> dim dt as new Datatable
> rs.fill(dt)
> grdData.Datasource = dt
> grdData is a DataGrid, and displays the results perfectly... in most 
> cases.
> The case that I've come across is when you hit a DBNull value in one 
> of the fields in the DataTable.  I initially noticed that all the 
> remaining fields in that column in the DataGrid were also null.  Upon 
> inspection of the DataTable object itself, it appears that the fields 
> in the table are also null.  When running the exact same parameter 
> directly through PhpMyAdmin, results are displayed for those fields in 
> the rows that are affected.
> Is this an issue with the connector?  I've highly-simplified the code 
> in this email, but I'm about to go set up a clean-room test case and 
> see if it still happens.
> Anyway - still looking forward to the next beta release, Reggie! ;)
> B.
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