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From:Reggie Burnett Date:December 10 2004 4:21pm
Subject:RE: How do I insert into a BLOB?
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Unfortunately right now the only source that can be used to feed binary data
to a blob is a byte array.  This will change in the future when we'll
support stream types.


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> Subject: How do I insert into a BLOB?
> I need to store some exe's in my database and i've seen some examples
> on this mailing list of how to insert stuff into a BLOB using
> parameters but every single one is missing the dim statement for
> whatever is being put into the BLOB... does it need to be a filestream
> or binaryreader or what? I've also seen it done by reading the whole
> file into an array first but I can't really do that because the files
> might be quite large.
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