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From:Reggie Burnett Date:December 10 2004 4:18pm
Subject:RE: Problems withConnector.Net beta 2 and MySql 3.23.49
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*ouch*  :-)

I'm still working through the bugs and have been focused on getting good
closure on this date time issue.  I'll be examining the pooling issues and
responding to them directly.

Now point that thing somewhere else!! ;-)


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> From: Barry Zubel [mailto:barry@stripped]
> Sent: Friday, December 10, 2004 5:03 AM
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> Subject: RE: Problems withConnector.Net beta 2 and MySql 3.23.49
> Hi Guy,
> >From the looks of the Mysql .Net bug trackers, this appears to be a
> problem
> with the connection pooling.
> >From what I understand, the connection pool within the MySql connector
> throws an exception when the MySql server closes a 'pooled' connection,
> and
> then the connector subsequently tries to use it.
> The (short-term) fix for this is to specify 'pooling=false' in the
> connection string.  This will result in a slight performance hit, as all
> connections made to the server will have to be initiated from scratch.
> However, from memory (and someone will no doubt correct me!) the ByteFX
> connection didn't support pooling very well, which meant that it initiated
> each connection from scratch anyhow (hence the bug shown in the mysql
> connector is not apparent), so it shouldn't be that much of an issue.
> There are open bugs on this issue, so it might be worth seeing if Reggie
> can
> sort this one out? *pokes Reggie with a small, yet very pointy stick* :)
> Still, I'm looking forward to the announcement on MySqlDateTime... :D
> B.
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> From: Guy Platt [mailto:guy.platt@stripped]
> Sent: 10 December 2004 10:01
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> Subject: Problems withConnector.Net beta 2 and MySql 3.23.49
> Hi
> I have been using the ByteFX connector for some time on a hosted
> production site (a MySql 3.23.49 installation) but have been using the
> MySql connector for development of our internal systems (MySql 4.1.x).
> I thought that I might as well start using the MySql connector at the
> hosted site as well.
> Other than having to change all the code where casting was used   (for
> example      int I = (int) xxx   became  int i = Convert.ToInt32(xxx)  )
> all seemed fine.  Then we started noticing a lot of errors in trying to
> connect to the database (something about unable to write to transport
> provider).  I checked the active  database connection but there were
> only a few connections open.
> I have gone back the ByteFX and all is fine again.  Anyone else out
> there still at the MySql 3 level?
> thanks
>  Guy
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