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From:Jordan Sparks Date:November 24 2004 6:58pm
Subject:RE: There is already an open DataReader. Bug?
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Did you do: dataReader.Close(); ?  You can't use a connection that has
an existing open DataReader until that DataReader is closed.  It works
the same way with MS SQL.

Jordan Sparks

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Subject: There is already an open DataReader. Bug?


I have a problem in my application when a try create execute the method
ExecuteScalar() in a Command when I a have a open Dataset in the same
connection! I use th MySQLClient I have the same code for Ms
SqlServer, width System.Data.SQLClient, and works fine!

How can I solve this problem? This is a Bug?

PS: The full error description is: "There is already an open DataReader
associated with this Connection which 
must be closed first"


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There is already an open DataReader. Bug?STI24 Nov
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