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From:Puiu Hrenciuc Date:November 23 2004 8:50am
Subject:Re: Images and BLOB fields
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You may just only escape the special characters (eg.: " with \" , ' with \' 
, CHR(0) with \0 and so on )

""Jordan Sparks"" <jsparks@stripped> wrote in message 
> And if you don't save it as Base64, then what would you save it as?
> Jordan Sparks
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> From: Puiu Hrenciuc [mailto:hpuiu@stripped]
> Sent: Monday, November 22, 2004 11:58 AM
> To: dotnet@stripped
> Subject: Re: Images and BLOB fields
> I have made a filesystem based on MySQL in C#, if somebody is interested
> of
> the code, let me know and I'll send a link to download the source code.
> It
> is 80% commented, so I hope it is easy to understand. It has
> files/folders,
> creation time, file/folder description, picture preview, custom
> open/save/choose folder dialogs. Because of the ";" bug that was in the
> Connector.NET at that time, I had to encode the files with Base64, so
> the
> files are about 30% larger in the database, but this can be easely
> removed.
> Rgds,
> Puiu Hrenciuc.
> ""Barry Zubel"" <barry@stripped> wrote in message
> news:002601c4ce5b$23c1b660$1401a8c0@barrydesk...
> Anyone actually have any working code for the .Net connector to pump an
> image file into a BLOB field, and then return it again?
> The VS.Net docs focus on SQL server (bah, obviously) and I'm wondering
> if anyone else has tackled this, before I leap headlong into the fray
> and start myself.
> Ta!
> B.
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