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From:Puiu Hrenciuc Date:November 23 2004 8:49am
Subject:Re: Images and BLOB fields
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You may also need to change the refference to MySql.Data to the one found on 
your system.

""Puiu Hrenciuc"" <hpuiu@stripped> wrote in message 
news:20041123084550.17037.qmail@ style="color:#666">stripped...
> So, here is the link :
> The ZIP file contains the FS module, a simple test program and a SQL 
> script to generate tables.
> Remember that it still has some bugs, but for learning and understanding 
> purposes it is just good.
> It was made for my own use, so in some places it may be harder to 
> understand, but
> you can ask me any questions you want. I made it because I need it and I 
> never found something
> usable on the web, so I made one :)
> Remember to change the server/user/password/database in the test project 
> to values that match
> your settings.
> Rgds,
> Puiu Hrenciuc.
> ""Barry Zubel"" <barry@stripped> wrote in message 
> news:002601c4ce5b$23c1b660$1401a8c0@barrydesk...
> Anyone actually have any working code for the .Net connector to pump an
> image file into a BLOB field, and then return it again?
> The VS.Net docs focus on SQL server (bah, obviously) and I'm wondering if
> anyone else has tackled this, before I leap headlong into the fray and 
> start
> myself.
> Ta!
> B.

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