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From:Joshua Mouch Date:November 22 2004 6:25pm
Subject:RE: ExecuteReader Hang
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Nope, the thread status is "sleeping".

Joshua Mouch
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Subject: AW: ExecuteReader Hang

> Joshua Mouch [mailto:joshua@stripped] wrote:
> Since version .76, I have had a big (and random) problem with
> the ExecuteReader function of commands hanging indefinitely.
> There's no timeout or anything... it will just continue waiting
> forever.  To get around it, I would just restart my program.  :-) 
> I was under the impression that it was fixed in 1.01, as it
> hadn't happened in a while, but with 1.02 I'm getting it quite
> often.
> The only clues I can give is that it happens randomly and the
> database is remote over a cable connection, so there is probably
> some packet loss.  Somewhere, there is probably some code that
> hangs if certain packets are never received or are out of order
> or something.

Maybe this is a bug in MySQL server:
Please check if the connection-thread is hanging on the server
and in which state it is (eg. with MySQL Administrator under
"Server Connections").

I'm having a similar problem with MySQL 4.1.7 (with some special 
select statements).



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