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From:Reggie Burnett Date:November 16 2004 5:32pm
Subject:RE: 1.0.2
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Dates are real pain the butt with the connector and MySQL.  You didn't break
anything.  Add a DateTime cast in front of row("UPDATED").

The problem is that MySQL supports illegal dates and I'm trying to fully
support that too.  If I have a date of '0000-01-01' in MySQL, then I want
Row("updated").ToString() to print "0000-01-01" or at least 01/01/0000 since
this is what the user wanted.

However, I can't do this with a normal DateTime object.  To support this, I
am returning a MySqlDateTime for date and datetime fields.  MySqlDateTime
has a conversion operator to convert to a DateTime (if possible).


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> Subject: 1.0.2
> Dates conversion doesn't appear to be casting correctly?
> Cust.Updated = row("UPDATED") throws an InvalidCastException
> Cust.Updated is a VB 'Date' variable
> Row("UPDATED") is a MySql 'Date' Field
> Any ideas what I broke? :D
> B.
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