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From:Voo Ming Jing Date:December 3 2017 5:41am
Subject:Connector/Dot Net - Code Contribution - Export/Import of MySQL
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My name is Voo Ming JingI have written a library for Export and Import (Backup/Restore) of
MySQL database.
The project is located at:

I wish contribute the code to Connector/Net.
I have signed an agreement to contribute code to MySQL.You can verify my account:username:
avoomj@stripped name: VOO MING JING
by the way, I remember that there is a developer list whom has join the contribution
program, but I'm unable to locate the page, can anyone kindly guide me the location of the
page. I remembered that my name was listed in that page.
Yours sincerely,
VOO MING JINGavoomj@stripped
Connector/Dot Net - Code Contribution - Export/Import of MySQLdatabaseVoo Ming Jing3 Dec