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From:Reggie Burnett Date:June 1 2010 2:58pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/Net 6.2.3 beta has been released
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Sorry for this not getting out sooner.  Connector/Net 6.3.2 was released several days ago
but somehow the release announcement was never made.

MySQL Connector/Net 6.3.2, a new version of the all-managed .NET driver 
for MySQL has been released. This is a beta release and is intended to 
introduce you to the new features and enhancements we are planning. This 
release should not be used in a production environment. 

It is now available in source and binary form from 
[] and mirror sites 
(note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time 
- if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later 
or choose another download site.) 

The new features or changes in this release are:

- Visual Studio 2010 RTM support
- New sql editor.  Create a new file with a .mysql extension to see it in action

What we know may be broken 
- Documentation is not updated yet and is not integrated into VS 2010

Please let us know what else we broke and how we can make it better! 

MySQL Connector/Net 6.2.3 beta has been releasedReggie Burnett1 Jun