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From:Reggie Burnett Date:November 11 2004 8:43pm
Subject:RE: Connection Life?!?!?
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Connection pooling is on by default with the connector.  What this means is
that when you close a connection in your code, the actual link to the server
is not closed but rather returned to the pool.  This allows for much faster
opens later.  To disable pooling, add pooling=false to your connection
string.  Regardless of your pooling setting, the connections should
terminate when  your application exits.  If they are not, please report this
as a bug.  If, however, you are still seeing the connections while your
application is running, it is likely because of pooling.


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From: Darren Hill [mailto:darren@stripped] 
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Subject: Connection Life?!?!?

Hello all,

I'm finding some connections are never dieing.  

Here's my connection string

<add key="conn" value="Persist Security
Info=False;database=hrmanager;server=xxxxxxxx;Connect Timeout=30;user
id=xxxx; pwd=xxxx;" />

And I'll go ahead and do some testing and then run SHOW PROCESSLIST.

I'll find that all my connections are NOT timing out.  They stay in a
SLEEP command indefinatley.

Is this a bug I should report, or am I missing something in the
connector string?

Darren Hill
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