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From:Leandro Tracchia Date:September 8 2008 4:39pm
Subject:simple DataGridView example???
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hi, first posting here.

i tried my luck on the mysql forums
(,225648,225648#msg-225648) but
haven't received a reply yet.

i'm basically trying to do the exact same things as described in this
but it is a bit outdated for Visual Studio 2008 because i can't find a
method "SetDataBinding" for the DataGridView component.

i just want to be able to display data from a table on a DataGridView.
here is what my code looks like so far:

MySqlConnection mysqlCon = new MySqlConnection(connString);

MySqlDataAdapter MyDA = new MySqlDataAdapter();
string sqlSelectAll = "SELECT * from test";
MyDA.SelectCommand = new MySqlCommand(sqlSelectAll, mysqlCon);

DataTable table = new DataTable();

BindingSource bSource = new BindingSource();
bSource.DataSource = table;

DataGridView dgView = new DataGridView();
dgView.DataSource = bSource;

i can compile all this with NO errors, but for some reason
DataViewGrid shows nothing! just a gray box.

can anyone help?
simple DataGridView example???Leandro Tracchia8 Sep
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