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From:Reggie Burnett Date:May 12 2008 8:14pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.6 has been released
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MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.6 a new version of the all-managed .NET driver 
for MySQL has been released. This is a minor release involving mainly 
bug fixes.

Version 5.1.6 works with all versions of MySQL including MySQL-4.1,  
MySQL-5.0, MySQL-5.1 beta or the MySQL-6.0 Falcon "Preview".

It is now available in source and binary form from 
[] and mirror sites 
(note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time 
- if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later 
or choose another download site.)

== Bugs fixed ==
 - Fixed problem where parameters lists were not showing when you tried 
to alter a routine
   in server explorer.  (bug #34359)
 - Fixed a problem in procedure cache where it was possible to get into 
a race condition
   and cause a memory leak (bug #34338)
 - Fixed problem where attempting to use an isolation level other than 
the default with
   a transaction scope would use the default instead (bug #34448)
 - Fixed problem that causes the TableAdapter wizard to only generate 
insert statements.
   The problem was that our code to retrieve index columns was broken. 
(bug #31338)
 - Fixed problem with connections staying open after being used with 
   The problem was that we were not returning an enumerator for our 
reader with the
   closeReader option set to true when we were supposed to.  (Bug #34460)
 - Fixed problem where the bit data type would continue to return null 
   once it saw a null value in a previous row (bug #36313)     
 - Fixed problem with MembershipUser.GetPassword where attempting to 
retrieve a
   password on a user where password Q&A is not required would throw an 
exception (bug #36159)     
 - Fixed a problem with MembershipUser.GetNumberOfUsersOnline. 
   It actually works now  :) (bug #36157)
 - Fixed documentation that still stated that setting port to -1 was 
necessary for
   a named pipe connection (bug #35356)     
 - Fixed data type processing so that geometry fields are returned as 
binary.  (bug #36081)     
 - Fixed problem that kept our provider from showing up in the provider 
list when configuring
   a new connection from a SqlDataSource     
 - Fixed problem where setting the ConnectionString property of 
MySqlConnection to null
   would throw an exception (bug #35619)

Enjoy and thanks for the support!


MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.6 has been releasedReggie Burnett12 May