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From:Reggie Burnett Date:September 20 2007 7:31pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.3 RC has been released!
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MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.3 a new version of the all-managed .NET driver 
for MySQL has been released.

************* IMPORTANT ********************
Connector/Net 5.1 represents a change in how we package our products. 
Until now, we've shipped our core provider and the Visual Studio 
integration bits as separate downloads. This has become a bit of a 
problem. Often we would fix a bug that involved changing code both in 
the VS package and in the core provider. This provided a versioning 
problem where users would need to upgrade both products to see the 
benefit of the bug fix. To solve this, we've decided to discontinue 
Tools for Visual Studio as a separate product and have, instead, 
integrated it into a new Connector/Net installer. We hope this provides 
a better "out of box" experience for our users.

All previous versions of Tools for Visual Studio should be uninstalled 
prior to installing this product.

Version 5.1.3 works with all versions of MySQL including MySQL-4.1,  
MySQL-5.0, MySQL-5.1 beta or the MySQL-6.0 Falcon "Preview".  Please be 
aware that this version is beta quality software and should not be used 
in production environments.

It is now available in source and binary form from 
[] and mirror sites 
(note that not all mirror sites may be up to date at this point of time 
- if you can't find this version on some mirror, please try again later 
or choose another download site.)

== Issues fixed ==
* Fixed problem with using a stored procedure that takes a parameter as 
a select routine for a TableAdapter wizard. (Bug #29098)
* Fixed problem with creating users using hashed passwords when 
machineKey is set to AutoGenerate.  We now correctly throw an exception 
if you are requesting encrypted passwords but it works ok for hashed 
passwords. (Bug #29235)
* Fixed problem with selecting users for roles in the web admin tool.  
The problem was that we had a simple syntax error in our database lookup 
code. (Bug #29236)
* Added AutoEnlist connection string option.  Setting it to false will 
prevent the connectionfrom automatically enlisting in any current 
* Changed membership schema to allow null values for email.  This allows 
all the overrides for Membership.CreateUser to work.   * Added 'Respect 
Binary Flags' connection string option to allow existing applications to 
select the old behavior of not always respecting the binary flags of a 
* Added ability to use blobs to store true UTF-8 data (see help)
* Help is now integrated into Visual Studio 2005 and includes content 
other than the API
* Fixed problem reported by user where MySqlMembershipProvider.GetUser 
was attempting to reuse the connection to update a table while a reader 
was open on it.   * Fixed problem with membership schema where the 
password key column was not large enough
* Added feature where bit columns that have the value 0 or 1 are 
returned as bool
* Added Foreign Key Columns metadata collection
* Reworked how foreign key metadata is collected to make it more robust 
and faster
* Changed DDEX provider to use the core providers schema routines for 
foreign keys and foreign key columns
* Fixed index and foreign key enumerators inside the DDEX provider to 
work with the new binary respect behavior of 5.1
* Added code to implement better TransactionScope support.  This code is 
brand new and will be heavily refactored in 5.2. (bug #28709)
* Fixed problem where connecting to pre-4.1 servers would result in a 
crash. This was caused by the Field object referring to metadata columns 
that are not populated on pre-4.1 servers. (bug #29476)
* Commandbuilder now defaults ReturnGeneratedIdentifiers to true.  This 
means that autogenerated columns will be returned in the default case.
* Exceptions generated during BeginExecuteReader and 
BeginExecuteNonQuery will now be thrown once the End versions of those 
methods are called.

== Changes integrated from 5.0.8 ==

* Log messages are no longer truncated at 300 characters (bug #28706)
* Fixed a problem with compression over a network.  We were letting the 
inflate stream read directly from the network stream.  Under certain 
situations, two bytes were being left unread and this messed up our byte 
counts.  Now we are using a WeakReference to an internal buffer
   that we read the compressed data into before inflating. (Bug #28204) 
* Fixed problem where we were not closing prepared statement handles 
when commands are disposed.
* Fixed problem where any attempt to not read all the records returned 
from a select where each row of the select is greater than 1024 bytes
   would hang the driver.
* Fixed problem where usage advisor warnings for unnecessary field 
conversions and not reading all rows of a resultset would output even if you
   did not request usage advisor warnings. (Bug #29124)
* Changed behavior of ConnectionString property.  It now only returns 
the connection string given to it.  It will not attempt to track changes 
to the current database when the users uses the ChangeDatabase method. 
(Bug #29123)
* Fixed problem with calling stored procedures in databases that have 
hyphens in their names.  We were not using backticks to quote the 
database and sproc name when querying for metadata. (Bug #29526)
* Fixed problem where a statement that has parameters that is executed 
without defining those parameters would throw a System.FormatException 
rather than a MySqlException (bug #29312)   * Fixed problem where a 
command timing out just after it actually finished would cause an 
exception to be thrown on the command timeout thread which would then be 
seen as an unhandled exception.
* Fixed bug where Connecor/Net was hand building some date time patterns 
rather than using the patterns provided under CultureInfo.  This caused 
problems with some calendars that do not support the same ranges as 
Gregorian.  (Bug #29931)
* Fixed problem where MySqlConnection.BeginTransaction checked the 
drivers status var before checking if the connection was open.  The 
result was that the driver could report an invalid condition on a 
previously opened connection.   * Fixed problem where an attempt to open 
a connection max pool size times while the server is down will prevent 
any further attempts due to the pool semaphore being full. (Bug 
#29409)   * Fixed some serious issues with command timeout and cancel 
that could present as exceptions about thread ownership.  The issue was 
that not all queries cancel the same.  Some produce resultsets while 
others don't.  ExecuteReader had to be changed to check for this.
* Fixed problem where date columns that appear in keys caused updates to 
fail (bug #30077)
* Added code to suppress finalizers for low level socket objects and 
then added a finalizer to the protocol object so pooled connections will 
get     closed on process exit   * Fixed problem where attempting to 
load a reader into a datatable using a table with a multi-column primary 
key would result in multiple constraints being added to the datatable. 
No test case added to the 1.0 tree as loading a datatable with a reader 
is a .Net 2.0 thing. (Bug #30204)
* Fixed the database schema collection so that it works on servers that 
are not properly respecting the lower_case_table_names setting.  

Enjoy and thanks for the support!

MySQL Connector/Net 5.1.3 RC has been released!Reggie Burnett20 Sep