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From:Reggie Burnett Date:November 3 2004 3:32pm
Subject:Speakers wanted
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I put out this call on some other lists but didn't get alot of 
feedback.  I'm looking for a couple people who want the excellent 
opportunity to speak at the MySQL Users Conference 2005.   If you feed 
like you would be willing to learn everything there is to know about one 
of the following three topics and give a 45 minute session on it, then 
please email me directly.

The topics I am looking to cover are:

1.  Using Connector/Net from Mono

This session would focus more on the mono-specific issues of using 
Connector/net.  Current bugs in Mono, workarounds necessary should be 
covered.  Also, a review of the tools currently available to Mono 
developers would be good.  Any performance numbers available would also 
be welcome.  Essentially, any information that a developer who is 
thinking of using Mono to develop MySQL applications would want should 
be covered.

2.  Using Connector/Net with MySQL 4.1 and 5.0

This session would focus on the advanced features of 4.1 and 5.0 and how 
you use them from the Connector.  Character sets and 
internationalization would be huge.  Calling stored procedures as well 
as prepared statements should be covered.  Also, the presenter should be 
aware of the most recent developer version of Connector/Net and be able 
to present the new features available such as support for new types such 
as geometry.

3.  Using Connector/Net from all the popular developer environments

The presenter should present all popular environments and how 
Connector/net integrates into each one.  How to reference the assembly 
from each one should be covered.  Also, environments that provide access 
to the designers and wizards should be shown and the designers and 
wizards presented.  Much of what will be presented will appear in 
upcoming developer releeases so the presenter should be willing to take 
future releases of Connector/Net and study how it interacts in the 
different environments.

I'll be posting this information to other lists and will be notifying 
the people who respond of what they should do next.

Thank you

Speakers wantedReggie Burnett3 Nov