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From:Reggie Burnett Date:February 21 2007 6:50pm
Subject:RE: Prepared Statements
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> Hi Reggie,
> I understand about the problem.
> Oddly when I went on the MySql 4-day tuning course, the impression I
> got
> was that there were definitely two kinds of server-side prepared
> statement.
> One in SQL syntax which is a half-way implementation.  Using the
> standard text transport protocol and standard SQL.
> The other which uses a fast binary protocol and is the full
> implementation...
> I believe you fully when you say there is only one, but I am interested
> to know where my miss-information came from, and what MySql.NET is....

I'm not sure where you misunderstood.  The SQL syntax part you referred to
is just that, SQL syntax.  It's the same prepared statements under the hood.

> Anyway, I greatly look forward to trying the c# when available, and
> hope
> this will be available for .NET 1.1...

Not sure what you mean by 'trying the C# when available'.  We've had a .NET
connector out for > 2 years now.  We have one that is built with .NET 1.1
and one that is targeted at .NET 2.0


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