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From:Barry Zubel Date:August 29 2006 8:21am
Subject:Re: From development database to the live one.
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Well, it depends on how you need to merge the data.

If you have no problems with denying access to the live site for a short 
period of time, and losing the data in the live site you can do:

mysqldump --opt -Q -u youruser -p yourdevdatabasename > yourdb.sql
mysql -u youruser -p
drop database yourlivedatabase;
create database yourlivedatabase;
use yourlivedatabase;
source yourdb.sql;

If you must maintain the site "live", then you'll need to use something 
along the lines of mysqldiff (  to compare 
changes between development and live, issue a query to bring live 
up-to-date regarding structure, then use something like:

mysqldump --opt -u youruser -p -t yourdevdatabasename > yourdb.sql
(the -t suppresses the table creation information)

You will still have to devise a way of keeping any duplicate records in 

These ideas should at least give you a starting point to consider.


Richard Heesbeen wrote:
> He All,
> A newbie question for you all, what is the best way to get my development database to
> the live server (it has a few million records)?
> Thanks,
> Richard.
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