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From:Ulf Wendel Date:December 8 2008 11:54am
Subject:Alpha is out: Release, Manual, Build instructions
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Just making sure that the information is everywhere available. Last week 
we have announced the Alpha:

Together with the alpha version we have released the initial 
documentation at:

And on friday I have blogged about building (compiling), installing and 
using the driver. For now, we cannot go beyond describing the procedures 
for Visual Studio 2008 (Express) and Unix Makefiles:

If you use any other development environment, it will be up to you to 
figure out the details. I hope you understand that we cannot cover every 
possible development environment and tool. However, I would be happy, if 
you could provide build instructions for other systems.

Please feel free to make additions to the Community wiki page at MySQL 

Code examples are at the wiki page, in the manual and can be found in 
the directory examples/ of the source distribution of the driver.


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Alpha is out: Release, Manual, Build instructionsUlf Wendel8 Dec