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From:Ulf Wendel Date:December 2 2008 3:37pm
Subject:MySQL Workbench is using Connector/C++ pre-alpha snapshot
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Its not the latest news, but maybe its still worth to mention on the 
mailing list in case you missed it on PlanetMySQL (

"MySQL Workbench is using Connector/C++ pre-alpha snapshot

Eat your own dog food. The latest development version of MySQL Workbench 
successfully runs a pre-alpha snapshot of the MySQL Driver for C++ since 
a few weeks. Enjoy your pizza at my costs, Andrey (Hristov). I lost my 
bet. Less than five bugs have been found when migrating MySQL Workbench 
to Connector/C++.

MySQL Connector/C++ is now being used by two "internal customers": MySQL 
Workbench and MySQL Connector/ And our internal 
development version of Connector/ runs on Connector/C++ as 
well. The preview version of Connector/ was using the 
MySQL Client Library (C-API) [...]"



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MySQL Workbench is using Connector/C++ pre-alpha snapshotUlf Wendel2 Dec