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From:Ulf Wendel Date:March 31 2009 5:43pm
Subject:MySQL Connector/C++ 1.0.4 beta binary and source packages are,available
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we have just released the Beta version of the driver. Beta is very close 
to GA. Beta is feature complete. We plan one major addition for the MSI 
Installer and hope to be able to deliver binaries for more platforms for 
GA, but that's about it.

The motto for beta has been "Test, test and stabilize". We are passing 
99.5% of our >720 tests on all of our >40 build platforms. If a test 
fails, it fails on all platforms.

The latest development version of MySQL Workbench runs on pre-alpha. I 
hope Beta is good enough for you.

Go and kill the Beta - spam us with bug reports! We hope to have a solid 
code base to GA. The 1.0 GA is the first milestone which we need to 
reach before we can carefully listen to your demands.


-------- Official announcement ----------------

Dear MySQL Users,

a new version of MySQL Connector/C++ has been made available: MySQL
Connector/C++ 1.0.4beta. The MySQL Connector/C++ provides a C++ API for
connecting client applications to the MySQL Server. You can download the
beta release at:

The 1.0.4beta contains all major features scheduled for GA. The release
does pass 99.5% of our tests. This is the first combined binary and
source release. You can choose between compiling the driver yourself or
using a pre-compiled binary.

We have fixed numerous bugs and added new features since the last alpha
release. Please see the documentation and the CHANGES file in the source
distribution for a detailed description of bugs that have been fixed.
The following features have been added:

    - Added Windows installer.
    - Implemented MySQL_ConnectionMetaData::supportsConvert(from, to).
    - Introduced sql::DataType::YEAR to complement MySQL's YEAR type.
    - Introduced PreparedStatement::getMetaData().
    - Introduced ResultSetMetaData::isZerofill().
    - Added "metadataUseInfoSchema" to connection propery map
      which allows you to control the use of the
      INFORMATION_SCHEMA for meta data.

You can find further details, including usage examples, on the projects
MySQL Forge wiki page at:

Documentation is available at:

Please note, the MySQL Connector/C++ is released as a beta version. We
do not recommend using the driver in production environments or systems
with critical data. Please note, official support is not available for
the beta version of Connector/C++.

Feedback, bug reports, bug fixes, patches and so on are welcome and

You may also want to contribute to the MySQL Forum on C/C++ at or join the MySQL Connector/C++
mailing list .

Connector/C++ is licensed under the terms of the GPL, like most MySQL
Connectors. There are special exceptions to the terms and conditions of
the GPL as it is applied to this software, see FLOSS License Exception
( For
Licensing questions, and to purchase MySQL Products and Services, please
contact MySQL:



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MySQL Connector/C++ 1.0.4 beta binary and source packages are,availableUlf Wendel31 Mar