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From:Warren Young Date:December 16 2008 6:24pm
Subject:Re: Compile Connector/C++ error while building mysqlpp.dll.
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Agus Jumadi wrote:
> I compiled mysql mysql_connector_cpp using MingW 5.1.4 on windows. mysql
> version is MySQL Server 5.1.
> I use command prompt to build mysqlpp > "mingw32-make -f Makefile.mingw".
> While compiling, libmysqlpp.a is successed build, but it cannot build
> mysqlpp.dll because of error reference...

This mailing list is for MySQL's Connector/C++, but it seems you're 
talking about MySQL++, a different library.  MySQL hosts the mailing 
lists for both projects, but MySQL++'s home is elsewhere:

Its mailing list home is:

> what does "-lmysqlclient" mean ?

That tells the compiler to link to a library called mysqlclient.  It's 
specific to MinGW, and isn't provided as part of MySQL.  The 
instructions for making that library are in README-MinGW.txt within the 
MySQL++ source distribution.

If you have more questions about MySQL++, please take it up on the other 
mailing list.
Compile Connector/C++ error while building mysqlpp.dll.Agus Jumadi16 Dec
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