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From:Zak Greant Date:August 6 2004 9:22pm
Subject:Re: using mysql in commercial software
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Greetings All,

LinuxWorld is now finished (meaning that some of the key MySQL people 
who need to be in on these discussions will be back to a more normal 
working setup) and the weekend is more or less here.

I hope to pick up discussions on these issues with the other MySQLers 
on Monday (or to word it differently, I hope to avoid talking about 
licensing on my weekend! ;)

Also, this discussion is a better fit for the community list 
(community-subscribe@stripped). There are already a group of 
people interested in the licensing issues on that list. Unless people 
feel strongly, I will move this issue to that list. I urge those with 
an interest in our licensing and other community issues to subscribe to 
the community list.

Those who are subscribed to our community list but not the MySQL 
general list, see to catch up on 
the discussion thread this message refers to.

Also, those of you with an interest in licensing might also be 
interested in the licensing forum at 
- there are additional discussions there on a variety of licensing 

Have a good weekend!
Zak Greant
MySQL AB Community Advocate

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