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From:Weydson Lima Date:April 6 2014 8:03pm
Subject:RE: Database synchronization
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I’m aware of replication and mysqldump but I don’t think they work well for
what I want. The tool I’m looking for would compare two databases and output a list
of changes needed to have those databases in sync. This way, one could share those changes
among other developers so they also can have their databases in sync. Note that the data
remain unchanged, allowing every developer to have its own dataset.


I found a tool called dbv ( which does what I need, but I was
looking for a native tool from MySQL that would do that.


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Subject: Re: Database synchronization


if you are thinking about a real time (or near real time) solution, actuality
"Replication" is all.

but if you are looking for a one  time backup-restore simplest on is mysqldump


--no-data, -d           #backup schema

--no-create-info, -t   #just to backup row data as I remember

but you can find more and man pages... 

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I am looking for a tool that would allow me to synchronize a database scheme
and/or data from one server to another. I have used Navicat for these needs
before but was looking for a more affordable solution.

Thank you.


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