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From:Arjen Lentz Date:April 9 2013 4:28am
Subject:Re: Mysql Cluster Sync-UP
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Hi Norah

> I am running My-SQL in cluster mode with two machine. Want to know if
> mysql database get corrupted on one of the machine will it force the
> corruption on the other machine too or in this case sync between two
> mysql instances will stop after the corruption.

Do you mean the mysql system database, or a specific database/table that's in the NDB
cluster engine?
The mysql system database falls outside of the cluster realm, so each server has its own
independent copy.
If it's about the behaviour inside the NDB cluster engine, the best place to ask about
this would be a specific NDB Cluster forum. The question you ask is quite specific in
terms of internal behaviour, and I don't know the answer off-hand.

I would say though that for most purposes, you probably don't want to use NDB Cluster. It
is suitable for very specific use cases, and is 'abused' in other situations.
These days, there are better solutions for many cases, including Galera cluster which is a
synchronous replication mechanism in MariaDB 5.5 (-cluster) and above. It's not available
in stock (Oracle) MySQL.

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