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From:Arjen Lentz Date:May 6 2009 9:59pm
Subject:Re: Loss of HTML Graphics Characters
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Hi Hamid,

On 07/05/2009, at 2:17 AM, Hamid Majidy wrote:
> Hello MySQL community. I have MySQL 5.0.45 with Apache 2.2.3 running  
> on
> CentoOS 5.2 with a page display issue. Pages display as:
>     Model     Â
> [...]

> Ihave changed DB collation to latin1_swedish_ci on former to match the
> latter DB table’s collation setting. All database and table settings  
> through
> phpAdmin appear identical, yet the two HTML pages rendered on the same
> Windows client machine running the same instance of Firefox appear
> different. I have even dumped the entire table structure and  
> contents from
> one and imported to the other with the same result. HTML contents of  
> the 2
> fields have to be identical after the import. Restarting apache and  
> mysql
> after all the changes did not help either.

Collation has to do with sorting.
What you need to check out is character set (usually utf8 or latin1).

if you are using utf8, you should use something like utf8_general_ci  
as the collation also.
But most importantly, your PHP connection should first set "SET  
NAMES=utf8" as soon as it connects, before doing anything else.
That'll make the connection use utf8 properly without mangling stuff  
that comes out of the db.

Then, there's the character set indicator of your HTML pages  
themselves, a HTML page can indicate which charset it's using; check  
that also.

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