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From:Luis Soares Date:November 9 2009 5:36pm
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.1 branch (luis.soares:3195) Bug#48357
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#At file:///home/lsoares/Workspace/bzr/work/bugfixing/48357/mysql-5.1/ based on revid:build@stripped

 3195 Luis Soares	2009-11-09
      BUG#48357: SHOW BINLOG EVENTS: Wrong offset or I/O error
      In function, there was a cast that
      was triggering undefined behavior. The offending cast is the
        write_str_with_code_and_len((char **)(&start),
                                    catalog, catalog_len, Q_CATALOG_NZ_CODE);
      This results in calling write_str_with_code_and_len with first
      argument pointing to a (char **) while "start" is itself a pointer to
      uchar (uchar *). Inside write_str_with_..., the content of start is
      then be updated:
        (*dst)+= len;
      The instruction above would cause the (*dst) pointer (ie, the "start"
      argument, from the caller point of view, and which actually points to
      uchar instead of pointing to char) to be updated so that it would
      increment catalog_len. However, this seems to break strict-aliasing
      rules ultimately causing the increment and assignment to behave
      We fix this by removing the cast and by making the types match.

=== modified file 'sql/'
--- a/sql/	2009-10-23 03:13:42 +0000
+++ b/sql/	2009-11-09 17:36:13 +0000
@@ -2138,8 +2138,8 @@ void Query_log_event::pack_info(Protocol
   Utility function for the next method (Query_log_event::write()) .
-static void write_str_with_code_and_len(char **dst, const char *src,
-                                        int len, uint code)
+static void write_str_with_code_and_len(uchar **dst, const char *src,
+                                        uint len, uint code)
     only 1 byte to store the length of catalog, so it should not
@@ -2234,7 +2234,7 @@ bool Query_log_event::write(IO_CACHE* fi
   if (catalog_len) // i.e. this var is inited (false for 4.0 events)
-    write_str_with_code_and_len((char **)(&start),
+    write_str_with_code_and_len(&start,
                                 catalog, catalog_len, Q_CATALOG_NZ_CODE);
       In 5.0.x where x<4 masters we used to store the end zero here. This was
@@ -2272,7 +2272,7 @@ bool Query_log_event::write(IO_CACHE* fi
     /* In the TZ sys table, column Name is of length 64 so this should be ok */
-    write_str_with_code_and_len((char **)(&start),
+    write_str_with_code_and_len(&start,
                                 time_zone_str, time_zone_len, Q_TIME_ZONE_CODE);
   if (lc_time_names_number)

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bzr commit into mysql-5.1 branch (luis.soares:3195) Bug#48357Luis Soares9 Nov
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