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From:He Zhenxing Date:September 5 2009 8:21am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-5.4 branch (zhenxing.he:2802) Bug#4585
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#At file:///media/sdb2/hezx/work/mysql/bzrwork/b45852/azalea-bugfixing/ based on revid:alik@stripped

 2802 He Zhenxing	2009-09-05
      Bug#4585 Semisynch: Last_IO_Error: Fatal error: Failed to run 'after_queue_event' hook
      Errors when send reply to master should never cause the IO thread
      to stop, because master can fall back to async replication if it
      does not get reply from slave.
      The problem is fixed by deliberately ignore the return value of
     @ plugin/semisync/
        Deliberately ignore the return value of slaveReply so that errors
        while sending slave reply will not cause the IO thread to stop.

    M  plugin/semisync/
=== modified file 'plugin/semisync/'
--- a/plugin/semisync/	2009-07-07 02:44:17 +0000
+++ b/plugin/semisync/	2009-09-05 08:21:34 +0000
@@ -106,8 +106,15 @@ int repl_semi_slave_queue_event(Binlog_r
 				uint32 flags)
   if (rpl_semi_sync_slave_status && semi_sync_need_reply)
-    return repl_semisync.slaveReply(param->master_log_name,
+  {
+    /*
+      We deliberately ignore the error in slaveReply, such error
+      should not cause the slave IO thread to stop, and the error
+      messages are already reported.
+    */
+    (void) repl_semisync.slaveReply(param->master_log_name,
+  }
   return 0;

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bzr commit into mysql-5.4 branch (zhenxing.he:2802) Bug#4585He Zhenxing5 Sep