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From:Sergey Vojtovich Date:August 19 2009 11:54am
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-5.0-bugteam branch (anurag.shekhar:2788)
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Hi Anurag,

generally ok to push, but please find some comments inline.

On Thu, Aug 13, 2009 at 07:09:02PM +0000, Anurag Shekhar wrote:
> #At file:///home/anurag/mysqlsrc/mysql-5.0-bugteam-44723/ based on
>  2788 Anurag Shekhar	2009-08-14
>       Bug #44723 Larger read_buffer_size values can cause performance 
>                  decrease for INSERTs
>       Large number of calls to 'memset' to initialize the bugger to mulls 
>       where causing the performance drop.
bugger to mulls? :)

Ok, besides, I don't think that the problem was large number of calls to
'memset', but rather memset on large memory hunk.

I'd suggest the following statement:

Bulk inserts (multiple row, CREATE ... SELECT, INSERT ... SELECT) into
MyISAM tables were performed inefficiently. This was mainly affecting
use cases where read_buffer_size was considerably large (>256K) and low
number of rows was inserted (e.g. 30-100).

The problem was that during I/O cache initialization (this happens
before each bulk insert) allocated I/O buffer was unnecessarily
initialized to '\0'.

This was happening because of mess in flag values. MyISAM informs I/O
cache to wait for free space (if out of disk space) by passing
same values, memory allocator was initializing memory to '\0'.

The performance gain provided with this patch may only be visible with
non-debug binaries, since safemalloc always initializes allocated memory
to 0xA5A5...

> === modified file 'mysys/mf_iocache.c'
> --- a/mysys/mf_iocache.c	2007-03-28 17:46:42 +0000
> +++ b/mysys/mf_iocache.c	2009-08-13 19:08:56 +0000
> @@ -235,8 +235,8 @@ int init_io_cache(IO_CACHE *info, File f
>  	buffer_block *= 2;
>        if ((info->buffer=
>  	   (byte*) my_malloc(buffer_block,
> -			     MYF((cache_myflags & ~ MY_WME) |
> -				 (cachesize == min_cache ? MY_WME : 0)))) != 0)
> +			   MYF(((cache_myflags & ~ (MY_WME | MY_WAIT_IF_FULL)) |
> +				 (cachesize == min_cache ? MY_WME : 0))))) != 0)
Please remove tabs from modified lines. Make sure lines are under 80
characters. I don't think double parenthesis at MYF level are needed.

Sergey Vojtovich <svoj@stripped>
MySQL AB, Software Engineer
Izhevsk, Russia,
bzr commit into mysql-5.0-bugteam branch (anurag.shekhar:2788)Bug#44723Anurag Shekhar13 Aug
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