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From:Alexander Nozdrin Date:August 11 2009 8:21am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql branch (alik:2854) Bug#43006
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#At file:///mnt/raid/alik/MySQL/bzr/bug38247/azalea-bf-bug45584/ based on revid:alik@stripped

 2854 Alexander Nozdrin	2009-08-11
      Postfix for Bug#43006: if IPv6 is enabled on Windows, the server listens on ::1,
      but not on Using the 'localhost' host name is more appropriate here.
      NOTE: this is a change only to MTR-script, it has nothing to do with
      the skip-name-resolve mode.

=== modified file 'mysql-test/t/skip_name_resolve.test'
--- a/mysql-test/t/skip_name_resolve.test	2009-06-25 11:50:39 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/t/skip_name_resolve.test	2009-08-11 08:21:30 +0000
@@ -15,7 +15,7 @@ DROP USER mysqltest_1@'
 # Bug#13407 Remote connecting crashes server
 # Server crashed when one used USER() function in connection for which
 # was impossible to obtain peer hostname.
-connect (con1,, root, , test, $MASTER_MYPORT, );
+connect (con1, localhost, root, , test, $MASTER_MYPORT, );
 --replace_column 1 #
 # We are only interested in the fact that statement below doesn't

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bzr commit into mysql branch (alik:2854) Bug#43006Alexander Nozdrin11 Aug