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From:Jorgen Loland Date:June 26 2009 7:27am
Subject:bzr commit into mysql-6.0-backup branch (jorgen.loland:2834) Bug#45249
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#At file:///localhome/jl208045/mysql/mysql-6.0-backup-45249/ based on revid:rafal.somla@stripped

 2834 Jorgen Loland	2009-06-26
      Bug#45249 - Backup database fails with error 
                  "Can't enumerate stored routines in database"
      Followup patch due to PB2 test error
      SELECT from function y() produces an error on most platforms, but 
      not all. The test added for this bug therefore fails on some 
      platforms in PB2. This patch disables warnings in 
      backup_functions.test when selecting from function y().
     @ mysql-test/suite/backup/t/backup_functions.test
        disable warnings when selecting from function y() since this produces a warning only on some platforms.

=== modified file 'mysql-test/suite/backup/t/backup_functions.test'
--- a/mysql-test/suite/backup/t/backup_functions.test	2009-06-24 08:05:34 +0000
+++ b/mysql-test/suite/backup/t/backup_functions.test	2009-06-26 07:27:38 +0000
@@ -140,8 +140,15 @@ RETURN i * 2;
 #excercise function
 SELECT square_area(11);
---replace_regex /[0-9]{3,}/#/
+# On most platforms, selecting from y() will produce the warning 
+# "This function 'y' has the same name as a native function". However,
+# since this is not the case on all platforms, warnings are disabled.
+# The test still checks that the problematic function y() can be
+# backed up and restored though.
 SELECT bup_sfs.y(1);
 #Show data and create statements.
 --echo showing objects and create statements.
@@ -188,8 +195,9 @@ INSERT INTO bup_sfs.players VALUES
 INSERT INTO bup_sfs.matches VALUES(11,2,6,0,3);
 SELECT square_area(12);
---replace_regex /[0-9]{3,}/#/
 SELECT bup_sfs.y(2);
 SELECT number_of_players();
 SELECT number_of_players1();
 SELECT fcount();
@@ -219,8 +227,9 @@ SELECT @@SQL_MODE;
 #properly or not.
 SELECT square_area(13);
---replace_regex /[0-9]{3,}/#/
 SELECT bup_sfs.y(3);
 SELECT number_of_players();
 SELECT fcount();
@@ -246,8 +255,9 @@ SELECT @@SQL_MODE;
 #or not.
 SELECT square_area(14);
---replace_regex /[0-9]{3,}/#/
 SELECT bup_sfs.y(4);
 SELECT number_of_players();
 SELECT fcount();
 SELECT paymentno,amount, dollars(amount) FROM penalties WHERE paymentno >=3;
@@ -274,8 +284,9 @@ describe matches;
 # ornot
 SELECT square_area(20);
---replace_regex /[0-9]{3,}/#/
 SELECT bup_sfs.y(5);
 SELECT number_of_players();
 SELECT fcount();
 SELECT paymentno,amount, dollars(amount) FROM penalties;

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bzr commit into mysql-6.0-backup branch (jorgen.loland:2834) Bug#45249Jorgen Loland26 Jun