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From:Alfranio Correia Date:April 2 2009 3:54pm
Subject:Re: bzr commit into mysql-6.0-rpl branch (alfranio.correia:2834)
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Mats Kindahl wrote:
> Hi Alfranio,
> The patch looks fine, but I would suggest the following:
> - Another name for inject_info (maybe set_relay_log_info() or something like
>   that, it is only for the master info structure anyway). The current name is
>   kind of nondescript.
> - Switch to use Doxygen since you are moving the comment anyway.
I've updated only the new files.
> - Try to remove the extra white space. It seems like a minor thing, but it
>   really is a problem when merging.
I've tried to avoid introducing any unnecessary space
but some may be sneaked into.

> - Move the one-line functions that (currently) just forward to the corresponding
>   do_* methods to be inline.
> See some other comments inline below.
I took care of them.
> Just my few cents,
> Mats Kindahl

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